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How to resize an image online

ResizePicOnline.com is a convenient online tool to resize images. It has the same interface for all of your electronic devices.

Nowadays you dont need a complicated program to change the size of an image. Using our online tool you have full freedom of movement and you can easily work on your images on any computer or other electronic device. The ability to work with numerous images at the same time will significantly save you time.
You can adjust any image to your preferred size in just 2 simple steps. Enjoy!

ResizePicOnline.com will help you to resize your images in no time.
First Step: Click on Load Images, you can choose up to 10 jpeg or png images at a time. You will see mini images of the files youve uploaded. Tick the images you would like to resize or click on Choose all.
Second step: Choose your preferred image width (in pixels), a file type (jpeg or png) and the quality of the final image you want. Press Resize an image and get an instant result. You will then see a list of modified images with the new attributes. Save images by pressing Download.

As you can see its pretty easy. But its not everything that our service can do.

Please note: The image format has to be either jpeg or png. Each image should not be more than 15mb and the image resolution should not be more than 6000 pixels in length or height. 99% of the time these restrictions will not be applicable.

Our service not only provides the ability to change photo, image or picture resolution but has other useful features as well.

Work with a large amount of images. The ability to work with many images at a time significantly eases the process. If you want to resize all the images at the same time you just have to select all of them, type in the desired width (in pixels) and press Change all. Using this feature you can resize 10 images at a time. Please dont forget to save the edited images by pressing Download all. If you wish to resize another batch of images you just have to press Clear all and then upload the next set of images you want to work with.

Change the file size in megabytes. Sometimes you may find it hard to deal with large images. It could be because of a poor internet connection or the memory on your hard drive is limited. You can use our service to change the electronic size of your files. After you press Change size you will see a list of the images with all their dimensions. You can experiment at this point. You can change the quality of the image from high to medium. This change will effect the image size. If you prefer to keep the image as high quality then in settings you can keep the high quality and change the dimensions until you are satisfied.

Change image file type. The most common file types are jpeg and png. On our website you will be able to change your file type from jpeg to png and back again without losing the quality of the image. Its as easy as the previous steps, you just have to use the scroll bar to choose the file type you want.

Create an avatar. If you want to use your image or photo for a website avatar, then we can do that too. You can easily change the dimensions of your image to suit the requirements of the website.

All these tools are available online. Image optimization is instant so you can do it in no time.